Single particle treatment for perfect results

At CarboTech, all carbon is activated in a unique fluidized-bed process, the most advanced method available today – Made in Germany.
It ensures that all particles are separated in a gas stream for optimum heat treatment and desorption. All particles are thus treated equally, ensuring a uniform, optimised pore structure for excellent adsorption performance.
There is no scorching at the grain surface, which means that none of the valuable raw material is lost during production. This makes the production process not only much more efficient, but also protects the environment. Benefit from this advanced technology and have us activate your raw material: we turn your coke made from coal, charcoal, nut shells, fruit stones or any other biomass material in the form of granulates or pellets into activated carbon with a grain size of 1-5 mm. If required, we further refine your product to suit your specific application.


  • Would you like to turn your raw material into activated carbon, making use of advanced technology that protects the environment?
  • Does your reactivated carbon need to be impregnated to boost the adsorption capacity?
  • Do you require a specific grain size and wish to avail of our dust elimination, milling or pulverization services?
  • Do you require assistance when it comes to the filling and emptying of your adsorber and do you want us to handle the logistics?



If you answered one or more of the above questions with “yes”, CarboTech is the partner you need.
At our site in Essen at the heart of the Ruhr Valley, we can meet all your requirements in connection with activated carbon.
Please contact us for more information – and benefit from our expertise!

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