Exhaust gas/air purification


Adsorption systems in the gas and air purification industry now not only comply with environmental protection legislation. They also target occupational health. In addition, high quality electronic equipment and sensitive production processes also need clean surroundings with low levels of pollutants.

CarboTech is your provider for optimized activated carbons featuring customized micro-pore structures for the complete spectrum of such applications.

This application sector includes the purification of tunnel exhaust air. Despite high levels of dust and exhaust, fixed-bed adsorbers equipped with CarboTech CarbonCatalysts achieve the denitrification of tunnel exhaust air with a single filter.

Other advantegeous application of our CARBONCATALYSTS is thedenitrification of flue gas from glass melting furnaces, waste incineration plants and other exhausts. Our long-life, high-efficiency CarbonCatalysts also wins customers with a convincing price/performance ratio.

However, gas and air purification requires not only excellent adsorption properties. They also demand for outstanding mechanical characteristics, such as:

  • high product hardness
  • low pressure drops
  • low ratios of fines and dust

We customize products to meet even the most stringent requirements using in-house processing systems.

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Biogas/natural gas desulphurisation


CarboTech offers specific expertise with solutions in the renewable energy sector. Our impregnated activated carbons desulphurize biogas and natural gas to enable off-gas denitrification via a catalytic stage.Our macro-porous activated carbons remove siloxanes from landfill gas and protect costly power generators.

Carbon molecular sieves also generate biomethane from biogas by means of a pressure swing process, and granulated activated carbons are used in gas scrubbing processes to treat liquid scrubbing media.

  • Separation of siloxane from landfill gas protects gas motors
  • Desulphurization of biogas enables the operation of a catalytic DeNOx stage Desulphurization of natural gas guarantees adherence to sulphur limit values
  • Upgrading of biogas to biomethane

CONTACT US to have detailed information about our activated carbons used for desulphurization of natural gas and biogas.

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Soil vapor extraction


Soils contaminated with volatile solvents can be efficiently treated using vacuum extraction. Solvents escaping from the soil can be collected and adsorbed via activated carbon. The collection and regeneration of spent activated carbons are an essential part of the CarboTech service portfolio.

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Processing of compressed air


The separation of oil vapors from compressed air is the key to compressed air technology. Oil- lubricated compressed air evaporates small amounts of either organic or synthetic oil that may affect subsequent modules due to oil vapor contamination. Oil vapor removal is also commonly accompanied by a moisture removal stage: we provide desiccants based on zeolites, silicas or activated alumina for such purposes.

With carbon molecular sieves (CMS), adsorbents and catalysts from CarboTech, fruit storage can be equipped with highly efficient nitrogen generators and gas scrubbers, which in turn enable an optimally adjusted storage atmosphere. Relevant oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and ethylene concentrations kept at optimal levels allow for ideal and prolonged ripening.

The wide spectrum of quality CarboTech products serves to underline its position as the only global full service provider for adsorbents relevant to compressed air technology.

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Solvent recovery


Organic solvents are used in many industrial processes as additives for highly different applications, and exhaust air streams containing solvents have to be thoroughly purified. The removal and recovery of solvents from exhaust air is a traditional application for CarboTech activated carbons. Thanks to CarboTech’s fluidized-bed technology, the adsorbents exhibit unique properties that have gained the company a worldwide reputation. CarboTech flat isotherms enable excellent separation properties over a very wide range of concentrations, which mean high working capacities, long cycle times and low steam consumption for solvent desorption. For operators of VRU and/or solvent recovery systems, they also present the ideal choice in terms of total cost of ownership.

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Air conditioning


Supply and circulating air streams need to be conditioned duringventilation and air-conditioning technology. Odorous substances, organic loads and ozone usually have to be removed. Our activated carbons fulfill these requirements through suitable base activated carbons or special impregnated grades for specific customer requirements.

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Mercury removal


Before reaching the atmosphere, flue gas from coal-fired power plants and waste incineration plants is subject to costly filtering – it’s here that activated carbons from CarboTech are decisive. We offer a broad spectrum of powdered activated carbons for scrubbers and bag house filters  for the separation of dioxins/furans (PCDD/F) and mercury as well as for the denitrification and desulphurization of exhaust gas, and extruded activated carbons for moving bed/fixed bed processes.

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Hydrogen refining


In the technical gas sector, process gases need to be dessicated or organic loads removed or treated to gain high-purity special gases. One of CarboTech’s core strengths is carbon molecular sieves used for hydrogen refining and nitrogen production in pressure swing adsorption systems. CarboTech carbon molecular sieves enable both hydrogen and nitrogen to be generated in high-purity form.

CarboTech process expertise in the manufacturing and application of carbon molecular sieves is unique worldwide. We also provide a comprehensive spectrum of catalysts for the elimination of gas components or their conversion into separable and/or non-damaging compounds.

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