Exhaust gas/air purification


Adsorption systems in the gas and air purification industry now not only comply with environmental protection legislation. They also target occupational health. In addition, high quality electronic equipment and sensitive production processes also need clean surroundings with low levels of pollutants.

CarboTech is your provider for optimized activated carbons featuring customized micro-pore structures for the complete spectrum of such applications.

This application sector includes the purification of tunnel exhaust air. Despite high levels of dust and exhaust, fixed-bed adsorbers equipped with CarboTech CarbonCatalysts achieve the denitrification of tunnel exhaust air with a single filter.

Other advantegeous application of our CARBONCATALYSTS is thedenitrification of flue gas from glass melting furnaces, waste incineration plants and other exhausts. Our long-life, high-efficiency CarbonCatalysts also wins customers with a convincing price/performance ratio.

However, gas and air purification requires not only excellent adsorption properties. They also demand for outstanding mechanical characteristics, such as:

  • high product hardness
  • low pressure drops
  • low ratios of fines and dust

We customize products to meet even the most stringent requirements using in-house processing systems.

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