Drinking Water Contest

Win an outdoor drinking water filter today!

Drinking water is our most important sustenance and is irreplaceable. It is therefore essential to handle this resource sensitively and to clean it and free it from impurities each time before putting it back into the cycle for further use.

In keeping with this, each day between 1 September and 31 October 2023 we are giving away 3 drinking water packages including a CarboTech outdoor drinking water filter in the form of a straw. This does – on a smaller scale – what our activated carbon does on a large scale within our customers’ filter systems, namely filtering out impurities and turning water back into drinking water.

On long hikes or exciting outdoor expeditions, you can simply hold the straw in a stream and make your own purified drinking water through the straw.

If you’d like to win this cool outdoor gadget, you have to answer our competition question and submit the answer using the form below. We’ll notify all weekly winners at the end of each week.

We wish all participants luck and hope they have fun answering the question.

Between 1 September and 31 October 2023 win one out of three drinking water packages


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