CarboTech Group continues to invest in sustainability, efficiency and service

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Essen-based activated carbon maker invests EUR 5.6 million in infrastructure growth

  • Major in-house production improvements include an activated carbon pre-treatment plant for drinking water applications, a PAC production plant and an optimised logistics system complete with silos and a multi-chamber CarboTech delivery fleet
  • CarboTech aims to continue to boost sustainability through recycling and longer life cycles of activated carbon products while gaining efficiency through shorter transportation routes, expanding capacity for recyclable activated carbons and undertaking a major expansion of its in-company service function


Essen, 7 November 2022 (cda) – As part of ongoing optimisation of its full-service offering and expansion of its sustainability activities in the activated carbon sector, the Essen-based CarboTech Group (part of the ICI Group) is to invest EUR 5.6 million in production, logistics, maintenance and R&D over the coming months. Plans include building an activated carbon pre-treatment plant for drinking water applications in order to boost reactivation capacity, recycling used activated carbon and thereby reinforcing company’s high-sustainability ‘circular economy’ credentials. In another step, CarboTech is adding a production plant for powdered activated carbon in order to meet booming market demand and dramatically shorten transportation routes.

For the Essen-based CarboTech Group, one of the world’s leading suppliers of activated carbon, 2022 and 2023 will go down in its corporate history as years spent building sustainability, efficiency and service as the company invests EUR 5.6 million in the coming months into growing its in-house production facilities and expanding its customer service capability. CarboTech began the process of dismantling unused buildings at its Elisenstrasse site in Essen during May. Demolition is due to be completed in November, creating the necessary space for the brand-new facilities which will then be built and put into operation at the beginning of 2023.


“Given that a large proportion of activated carbon taken in for reactivation using our unique fluidised bed process is actually still wet, a pre-treatment stage will really speed up the recycling process and also give us extra capacity – to meet fresh demand that customers have already committed to,” explained CarboTech Managing Director Daniel Böke. “This capital investment programme sees us strengthening the Essen location and local infrastructure for the long term while steadfastly pursuing our growth trajectory which began at the end of 2019. Recycling, sustainability and service are at the heart of the CarboTech Group’s corporate philosophy,” he continued.

Service – a key centre of emphasis moving forward

Another focal point of this capital investment is service: “We offer our customers all-round support – our 360° service promise – advising on which activated carbon is the right choice for the customer’s need before going on to produce this activated carbon and test its performance in our laboratory, and with our new silo and the multi-chamber vehicles in our own fleet we’ll be able to deliver the activated carbon and carry out the replacement ourselves. Until now, this service has been reserved for our Plug & Clean systems, but it’s now being rolled out to our entire range,” said Daniel Mandau, the company’s Project Manager for Service. The new multi-chamber vehicles will also enable CarboTehc to reduce the number of journeys and save packaging as well as making serious in-roads into reducing transportation routes and transshipment times.

Expanding research & development

The next step will be to invest in the company’s in-house research and development capabilities, enabling it to develop new products and so position itself even more firmly as a pioneer in high-quality, sustainable activated carbons and enhance the company’s sustainability credentials even further. “These extensive investments offer great added value for the CarboTech Group and for our customers on a range of different levels. They will help us make our already extensive service offerings even better, enabling us to combine all processes at our Essen facility, and significantly enhancing our ability to deliver our high standards of service, high-quality products, continuous ongoing development and sustainability,” Böke concluded.

CarboTech Group continues to invest in sustainability, efficiency and service
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