Waste water purification / process water


Another area of importance is groundwater remediation, as even low pollutant concentrations can seriously affect the ecological equilibrium. For this reason impurities must be dependably reduced to smallest quantities, and CarboTech activated carbons provide particularly high loads for such purposes and thus long filter service lifespans.

Owners of swimming pools across the world also appreciate the efficiency of CarboTech activated carbons to adhere to clearly defined limits for organic compounds, ozone, chlorides and phosphates for maintaining optimal conditions. Our activated carbons have established themselves on a global scale as highly reliable, proven adsorbents.

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The chemical, petroleum and pharmaceutical industry provides an enormous expertise potential world-wide that we, as an established partner for adsorption technology, supplement in the following sub-disciplines:

  • Production of high-purity media and active ingredients, upstream and downstream
  • Provision of highly efficient catalysts and catalyst carriers
  • Realization of energy-efficient solvent recovery systems
  • Manufacturing of vital amino acids and proteins
  • Processing of petrochemical scrubbing solutions
  • Solving of complex decolorization
  • Reduction of smell
  • Cleaning of flue gases
  • and many other applications

Whether it’s about activated carbons, mobile adsorption rental systems or reactivation services – CarboTech products always offer constant and reliable product quality, and our broad product and service portfolio is based on 40 years of expertise, backed up by numerous references across the globe.

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Beverage production


In the foodstuff and beverage industry, sensitive products are subject to the following treatment:

Beverages Water Activated carbons Treatment of blending
Fruit juices Activated carbons and silicates Clarification, color and aroma correction
Spirits (vodka) Activated carbons Premium qualities for perfect taste
Coffee and tea Activated carbons Decaffeination
Beer Activated carbons Designer grades, decolorization
Wine Activated carbons, mixed sorbents Aroma correction
Carbonic dioxide Activated carbons Removal of impurities

Granulated and powdered CarboTech products made from selected hard coals feature outstanding adsorption and decolorization properties, and numerous references from all over the world are proof of our guarantee for quality, with the combined knowledge and experience gained over 40 years.

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Aquarium Water


Fish are sensitive creatures, and so the display and farming of fish always demands a close check on water quality. This in turn requires adequate treatment to adjust the level of organic and inorganic compounds to a tolerable level for maintaining an optimal habitat. CarboTech activated carbons are renowned in the market and meet customer requirements with a winning price-performance ratio.

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Landfill water treatment


Leachate collected from landfill sites contains high organic loads.  CarboTech activated carbons define an industrial standard for the treatment of these challenging media, enabling high adsorption capacities and long filter service intervals.

To convert existing reverse osmosis processes to economically superior activated carbon based purification stages we also provide the customized design and integration of test systems. In addition, we enable the reactivation of spent media at our production site in Essen, Germany.

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Gold rush without remorse


With ever-spiralling gold prices, the extraction of gold has been highly interesting over a period several years. CarboTech’s coconut-based activated carbons are ideal with high hardness and a low share of platelet-shaped components.

To achieve this our process engineering technology based in Essen, Germany significantly reduces the share of non-spherical components, to the advantage of highly economic activated carbon consumption and an improved gold yield. In addition, our macro-porous pulverized activated carbons support flotation processes for precious metal extraction.

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Food oil purification


No edible oil is the same! Depending on the oil fruit or place of origin, raw edible oils feature differing amounts of turbidities or contaminations that, depending on the application, require different color, flavor or aroma corrections. We provide customer-specific solutions for such applications that combine the advantages of various activated carbons and silicates within optimal treatment processes.

The result is an ideally adjusted process which optimally removes PAH (poly-aromatic hydro-carbons) and suspended matter to improve the color and taste of vegetable oils. CarboTech solutions enable you to reliably convince your end customers.

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Drinking / industrial water


Clean potable water is a valuable resource and also a common component of everyday life. But what about good water quality, and how is this guaranteed? Our most important resource typically has to be cleaned following collection. Raw water, for example from riverbank filtrates, quite often contains germs and residues from pesticides and fertilizers, medicaments and many other components. To drink water without second thoughts,complex treatment technologies are utilized in which CarboTech activated carbons play a central role. Our pulverized or granulated activated carbons treat potable water both in waterworks and households, extracting even the most minute traces of pollutants and fulfilling the highest quality standards.

Our silver impregnated activated carbons are specially developed for drinking water treatment in house hold and industrial filters. They are suitable for use in filter cartridges and give a better taste, odour and can also be used for dechlorination. Due to the impregnation with silver, germ formation can also be prevented.

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Vitamin and enzyme preparation


The manufacturing of amino acids, vitamins and enzymes oftenneeds a decolorization step. To implement this in a cost-efficient manner, activated carbons of high adsorption capacity, high hardness and good reactivation properties are ideal. CarboTech provides suitable, qualitative products for a wide range of applications and viscosities.

Another plus factor: In CarboTech reactivation processes the adsorption characteristics of spent activated carbons are able to regain the level of fresh activated carbon. In this way, decolorization processes are rendered particularly economic.

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