Added value thanks to superior technology

Reactivation by CarboTech means activated carbon upcycling with advanced technology. Up-to-date equipment combined with a unique fluidized-bed process developed by our engineers guarantees a reactivation quality that is second to none. At CarboTech, we do not simply treat your activated carbon with heat in a rotating drum, but process it on a fluid bed so that the individual particles can move freely for perfect heat distribution and desorption. This means that every single particle regains its maximum adsorption capacity!
At CarboTech, we not only restore the initial adsorption capacity of your activated carbon for unrestricted use – we also provide a range of additional services:


  • Would you like to have your activated carbon regenerated and at the same time improve its adsorption properties, for instance by increasing the iodine number or CTC activity?
  • Do you want to replace your spent activated carbon with a fresh product or a reactivate, by participating in our reactivate pool?
  • Does your regenerated activated carbon need to be impregnated for use in a different application?
  • Do you need your regenerated carbon back with a different grain size or cleaned of dust? Or would you like to turn it into powdered activated carbon?
  • Do you no longer need the activated carbon and wish to sell it to us?
  • Do you require assistance when it comes to the filling and emptying of your adsorber and do you want us to handle the logistics?


If you answered one or more of the above questions with “yes”, CarboTech is the partner you need.
At our site in Essen at the heart of the Ruhr Valley, we can meet all your requirements in connection with activated carbon.
Please contact us for more information – and benefit from our expertise!

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