A growing environmental awareness as well as tighter statutory environmental protection requirements in trade and industry require and promote the cleaning of gas and waste water streams before their release into the environment.

The Mobile Adsorber Rental Systems series MAMS W (for the water phase) and MAMS G (for the gas phase), developed by CarboTech, are practical and efficient solutions used in complex adsorption tasks. CarboTech specialists also manage systems, logistics and any treatment or disposal situations. This service reduces effort for customers and allows them to focus on mobile adsorber processes.

Reliable data is available for numerous applications concerning changing intervals and thus also operating costs, which in turn enables secure fundamentals for calculation purposes. Our expertise is based on the many years of experience of our technicians and engineers and is – in addition to the constantly high quality of our activated carbons – a guarantor for the excellent technical and economic parameters of CarboTech systems.



Dr. Markus Harder

Sales engineer

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