CarboTech’s activated carbons can be used in a wide variety of applications – however specialist yours is, our experts will find you exactly the right solution!

Air and gas purification

Even though air quality in Germany has improved considerably in recent decades according to the German Federal Environment Agency, a Harvard study published at the end of 2019 says air pollution has the capacity to damage almost every cell in the human body, and in animals. Accordingly, the cleanliness of the air we breathe – and other associated gases – is set to remain a key issue.

Water and waste-water treatment

Water is the source of all life – and in times of climate change and an associated growing shortage of water, it is an increasingly crucial resource that must be protected. Indeed it is needed both for private use – i.e. for drinking, heating, swimming pools and aquaria – and for industrial applications such as cooling machinery, producing medicines and chemical substrates, or for whitening sugar.

Fluid treatment

As well as water, many other liquids also need to be filtered. Applications are mainly in the food and beverage industries. Oil mills, for example, have to safely remove carcinogenic substances that may be produced during manufacturing of consumer products. Spirit producers often want to extract certain fusel alcohols from their spirits without altering the taste. And international lemonade and fruit juice producers often face the challenge of making their products taste the same all over the world at all times.

Hydrogen purification

Government and industry experts are already calling it the “fuel of the future”, and the media have also latched onto hydrogen – indeed, this is a gas that is increasingly making news. Stock exchange trading floors, too, are seeing burgeoning growth in the numbers of companies looking to use or market hydrogen for propulsion purposes. Yet they all face the same problem, which is that although hydrogen is a fairly common element, it is almost always bound to other substances and can only be separated by applying great amounts of energy and technical effort.

Carbon molecular sieves (CMS)

Innovation with its roots in Essen: CarboTech is known and appreciated across the world as one of the key innovation drivers in the world of activated carbon. One thing to come out of our research and development work has been carbon molecular sieve (CMS) technology which is used in nitrogen production and other applications.

Other applications

If your specific application is not included in our list, never fear – our activated carbons are suitable for many other applications too.

If you’re looking for a solution in the gold or cigarette industry… or if you manufacture breathing apparatus filters or table filters for drinking water purification… or if you want to filter hydrogen sulphide or acid gases from the air… or need a suitable partner for battery production…

Whatever it is – contact us! With our decades of experience in producing high-quality and specialist activated carbons, there’s scarcely a challenge we can’t master. We use a variety of raw materials based on hard coal and coconut and, with the help of our own laboratories and impregnation facilities in Essen, we can produce highly individual, yet inexpensive activated carbons for your specific application.

Contact us today, and let our experts advise you.