Company profile

CarboTech is one of the world’s leading suppliers of powdered, granulated and extruded activated carbons in Germany. Directly in the centre of the Ruhr area, we operate integrated production facilities for the manufacture, refinement and packaging of customised activated carbons, activated cokes and carbon molecular sieves from hard coal, coconut coke as well as charcoal.

CarboTech is a child of German mining research and the coal industry. We see ourselves in the tradition of all those who continually draw new insights from science and technology in order to use them in an economically sensible way for the benefit of people and their environment. Every day and in many places around the world. That is why we conduct research, that is why we develop solutions to reduce environmental pollution and health hazards.

CarboTech combines experience from production, application and process engineering. Strategically, we are focused on classical requirements as well as innovative applications and services. The commitment of our experts, who know the challenges of practice very well, is highly appreciated by our customers.

As the successor to CarboTech Aktivkohlen GmbH, CarboTech presents itself today as a modern, medium-sized company and training company. Since we consistently work in a customer-oriented manner, it is necessary to constantly optimise our operational services. High demands on product and service quality are a matter of course for us.

The use of activated carbon specialities from CarboTech makes solutions possible that are permanently reliable and economical. Achieving this, especially with complex and demanding tasks, is the daily challenge of our experienced specialists.



After the war, Bergwerksverband GmbH began to set up experimental facilities for the production of high-purity coal and activated carbon. Through years of trials, it was possible to produce a very high quality activated carbon from hard coal. In 1955, a large-scale test plant was set up on the site of the former Königin-Elisabeth colliery in Essen, which went into operation on 29 February 1956. Thus begins the company history of CarboTech AC GmbH.

Development of activated carbons

In the post-war years, the development of activated carbons from hard coal began.



Commissioning of a large-scale test plant for the production of high-purity carbon and activated carbon on the site of the former Königin Elisabeth colliery in Essen.