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Water treatment and waste water purification

Water treatment
waste water

Activated carbon for water filtration

Water is used in many industrial processes, for example in the production of pharmaceuticals and as a solvent or coolant in the steel industry. This can often bring it into contact with pollutants. Filtration is key to improving the quality of such water.

Filters using activated carbon from CarboTech help reduce pollution. They remove residues, enabling industrial companies to stay more easily within the relevant limits. This also leads to lower fresh water consumption, meaning they also help protect the environment and counteract climate change.


Top quality water filtration

CarboTech has been developing activated carbons for water filtration since the 1950s. Our pride and joy is our fluidised bed process which enables us to produce activated carbons from various different raw materials and offer effective activated carbon for water treatment and waste water purification.

One special feature of our activated carbons is that they have a very uniform pore structure which helps them bind pollutants superbly. We guarantee this high quality for every single batch we produce. We can also use this process to reactivate activated carbons that have already been saturated. They can be used several times over without any loss in quality.


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Our activated carbon is not just for industrial use. Impregnated activated carbons can also be put to use in the household. For this purpose we modify them chemically, for example using colloidal silver. In this way, they protect consumers from germs in drinking water.

Our proposition always includes outstanding service: we fill and empty filter containers, offer you an all-round carefree package using our Plug & Clean-Systems and provide you with competent advice and guidance on your system. Full service is what we’re all about!