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Activated carbon for power plant water

Boiler water

Activated carbon for power plant water

Boiler feed water in power plants has to meet strict requirements. It has to be as pure as possible and as low in oxygen as possible in order to minimise deposits. That’s where our activated carbon comes in. Indeed, it can also be used to free condensate in the turbines almost entirely of impurities.

To handle these applications, the activated carbon has to be extremely pure. CarboTech ensures this by taking a very conscientious approach to selecting raw materials. We produce an acid-washed activated carbon that contains only minimal amounts of alkali metals and silicates.


Contact water treatment

CarboTech’s activated carbon is characterised by high saturation capacity. This is particularly important when it comes to treating what is referred to as contact water: during solvent recovery, the saturated activated carbon is “refreshed” using steam. The contact water produced by condensation of the vapour is thus saturated with solvent. Our activated carbon enables the water to be treated again, enabling it to be fed back into the steam generation process.

It’s this high quality and far-reaching expertise in the field of activated carbons that make CarboTech’s service really stand out.