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Room air

Activated carbon for cleaning room air

It’s not just allergy sufferers that appreciate clean breathing air. It is also needed in many industrial applications, for example in the electrical industry, the automotive industry or in clinical environments. Whatever the location, it’s all about filtering out substances. These are sometimes dust or pollen, but they can often be much more harmful elements such as nitrous oxides (NOx) or sulphur dioxides which are produced when coal and petroleum products such as petrol are combusted.

Filters for engines and motor vehicle interiors are thus a growing part of the market for filter and filtration system manufacturers. In addition, the equipping of cleanrooms is considered a growth market for air filtration.


Solutions for laboratories, car interiors and more

CarboTech offers a comprehensive range of activated carbons for improving room air. These include pelletised carbons for large facilities such as laboratories as well as material for fixed-bed filters in cartridge solutions, and granulated solutions for paper filters. We offer automotive suppliers special filter solutions for car interiors made from coconut shells. The benefit to you is that these are durable, light and inexpensive, and can also be impregnated with substances that boost filtration performance.


Quality from CarboTech

Treatment of activated carbon is carried out at our facilities in Essen, Germany, enabling us to monitor it throughout. As a result, our activated carbons consistently meet the highest quality standards, ensuring optimum compliance with agreed filtration parameters. Our experts have decades of experience in room air cleaning and know exactly what to look out for.

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