Your partner for individual solutions

CarboTech can supply a variety of activated carbon solutions for your specific purposes. Our unique activation process makes our activated carbon the best in the world, and a wealth of expertise make our service truly unique.

Thanks to our long history and associated expertise in the field of activated carbon, CarboTech today operates as a full-service provider for its customers: From advice on product selection and support in the ordering process, through logistics handling to shipping of the activated carbon ordered – whether in bags, big packs or directly as a handy Plug & Clean-Systems solution by freight forwarder – to the reactivation of used activated carbon or its disposal, we are your competent partner. In special cases, we develop new products to meet the individual needs of our customers. For this purpose, our in-house laboratories is used, where we would be pleased to analyze your current carbon and offer you more powerful alternatives from our product range. You see: Our definition of “full service” goes far beyond what our competitors understand by this.

Find out more about our winning solutions and contact us today – we look forward to hearing from you!