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Site facilities

Site facilities

We are proud of the rich history of our hometown of Essen deep in the industrial heartland of western Germany – in fact our high-quality activated carbons are activated and reactivated on the site of the former Queen Elisabeth Colliery. It’s important to us to do this using the most environmentally friendly methods we can find, which is why we work for sustainability at our site in a variety of ways.

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Heat recovery

We recover heat generated during production and use it for downstream processes such as activation and reactivation, drying and heating. The benefit here is that this helps us minimise our gas consumption.

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District heating

We are connected to a sustainable district heating grid run by operator STEAG, feeding in excess heat from production for other partners to use. Conversely, we draw heat down from the district grid when required, thereby benefiting from this partnership ourselves. We're all in this together.

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Reducing energy emissions

We deliberately save energy. To this end, we use LED lighting, speed control and load profile optimisation, among other things, across our entire premises, all with the aid of our external energy service providers.

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Environment & Energy Efficiency Team

Thanks to the efforts of this internal team of experts, we've already been able to secure our EcoVadis 'gold' status, and can also boast certification to DIN ISO 14001 standards. As well as being great things to hang on the wall, these achievements also help us improve CarboTech sustainably for the long term. We're now working hard to achieve Platinum status.

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Guests and employees have been able to charge their EVs in our car park since 2021, and personnel can use one of our electric pool vehicles for off-site appointments. They also have the opportunity to lease e-bikes through the Business Bike Programme.

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Expanding our logistics infrastructure

Our logistics are also becoming more sustainable thanks to silo transportation – greatly improved since 2021– while our multi-chamber vehicles ensure fewer journeys and a proactive approach to using less packaging material.

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Optimising our conveyor routes

We are optimising transportation of our activated carbon, thereby ensuring that as little product as possible is lost along our conveyor routes. And if something does go wrong, our mixed pool stock ensures the activated carbon can be used in minimally demanding applications. At CarboTech, nothing goes to waste.

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Reducing travel

Video conferencing is a great development, helping us avoid unnecessary travel and rely increasingly on online communications. All our people have the latest technology available to them and can also work from home any time. Less commuting to the office means less traffic congestion and a more environmentally conscious approach to work.