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Drinking water filters and swimming pool water

Drinking water filters
swimming pool water

Chlorine in drinking water

Chlorinated hydrocarbons are often used as disinfectants in drinking water. The problem is that these substances also affect the taste. Even modern drinking water treatment equipment cannot prevent these substances from being ingested while eating or drinking. In this way, even “imperceptible” substances such as hormones and chlorinated by-products can also find their way into drinking water. CarboTech’s specialist activated carbon solutions for drinking water filters can be a great help here.


Activated carbon for swimming pool water filters

Activated carbon can also be used for treating swimming pool water. Here, hydrogen chlorides, and even trihalomethanes, are formed by chlorination of the water. These irritate the eyes and the respiratory tract.

Thanks to our many years of experience in this field, we’ve developed the right activated carbon for use in swimming pool water filters. To rule out any risk of contamination, we produce activated carbons impregnated with silver.

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