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Individually tailored training courses from CarboTech

When it comes to activated carbon, swapping out material and assessing the related service needs, questions abound: How to get the best out of your application? Can you withdraw gas samples yourself? And what to look out for in terms of maintenance?

Our experts will be happy to answer these – and other – questions on request in bespoke training courses tailored specially to your requirements. We start by conducting a preliminary discussion with you to decide content and deliveryat your premises or via remote communications – and to agree all necessary detail before attending to process and documentation issues.

Finally, you’ll receive a compact compendium from us after the event, containing all relevant details for subsequent reference. This way, you’ll always be able to refer back to what was discussed. Our approach is designed to ensure you and your employees receive the best possible introduction to working with activated carbon and always know exactly what to do.

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