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Particularly where customers are dependent on punctual delivery, we can coordinate individual timing with our wide variety of vehicles, offer direct trips and, in terms of sustainability, also reduce the CO² footprint, as we can work much more efficiently thanks to the optimised processes and delivery routes.

A big step towards optimising delivery routes and reducing the CO² footprint: the acquisition of our multi-chamber vehicle.

The expansion of our fleet with a multi-chamber vehicle for pressing and vacuuming with 3 chambers, which already consists of our service truck, our activated carbon taxi and our silo vehicle, now makes it possible to exchange loaded activated carbon for fresh carbon in a single appointment.

-> This means less appointment coordination and costs for our customers.

Overall, we can now serve liquid and gas phases equally well across the entire fleet.

  • Activated carbon taxi for the liquid phase with 60m³ volume
  • Silo vehicle for the liquid phase with 60m³ volume
  • Service truck for the gas phase, allowing a net load of 12 bays with a total weight of 11 t
  • Multi-chamber vehicle for liquid or gas phase with 3 chambers and a volume of 56m³.

CarboTech as a solution provider – individually tailored to your project
All in all, the CarboTech service team can now respond even more individually to your project requirements and offer you the right solution for a smooth process. Because based on our experience, we know: no two tasks are the same. Be it with regard to the application or the local conditions on site, which simply do not allow a pure unwinding of standard processes.
Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are sure to have the solution for your task.

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