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CarboTech is one of the world’s leading full-service provider of powdered, granular, and extruded activated carbons in Germany, headquartered in Essen, in the heart of the Ruhr region.

That is the brief description of who we are.

But finding a good job is much more than simply checking whether the sector and qualifications suit me as an employee. The actual deciding factors in choosing a company are things like a good gut feeling, a good team I can count on, enjoying going to work in the morning, appreciation for one’s own work performance and having a supervisor who encourages and supports me as an employee.

So, we’ll just let our team colleagues tell us here about their personal experiences at CarboTech.

Pedro Acosta, Service technician at CarboTech Group

Pedro Acosta


In my department, it is important to be able to rely on close colleagues. Because when changing activated carbon in the customers' plants, a small mistake can have dire consequences. Joint team meetings, constant exchange and training by colleagues for colleagues prevent this and allow us to grow closer together as a team. Pedro Acosta, service technician at CarboTech.



Not only our customers benefit from this important step towards the future, but also you as part of the CarboTech team. On the way to CarboTech 2.0, you can change and grow.

We are already thinking about the future today and laying the foundations that will continue to provide secure jobs and maintain our competitiveness in the future.

Our activated carbon removes harmful and undesirable substances from a wide range of media and does so across all major industries – from the agricultural sector to the food industry or automotive applications, we are almost invisible and yet indispensable.

We need new colleagues who want to make a difference and help shape things. That’s why we offer you the opportunity to quickly take on responsibility for projects and products.

Our unique fluidized bed process enables us to produce the highest quality activated carbon products. Because we stand for quality, adaptability, commitment, dedication, and sustainability.

Despite our steady growth, we have maintained flat hierarchies and short decision-making paths.

We offer you interesting and challenging training opportunities that will help you to improve your performance and realise your full potential at every stage of your career.

Balancing work and private life? No problem with us. We offer working models that fit the life situation of each individual.

Our success has about 100 faces – without this team with its diversity of experiences, perspectives and lifestyles, we would not be where we are now.

Kim Neumann, Productmanagement at CarboTech Group

Kim Neumann, Productmanagement at CarboTech Group


By great misfortune, I broke my leg several times over half a year ago. From one second to the next, you are suddenly unable to work. It's nice to have an employer at your side who gives you the security of not having to worry about your job at that moment. It's nice to have an employer by your side who gives you the security of knowing that you don't have to worry about your job at that moment, but who accompanies you throughout the entire healing process and ultimately makes it possible for you to reintegrate into the work mode in a way that is tailored to your needs. It's great to be back on board, to have a great team around me and to finally have regained a bit of normality.

Daniel Böke, Managing Director of the CarboTech Group.


I have been CEO/ Managing Director of the CarboTech Group since 2019. The transformation the entire company has undergone in all areas since then is impressive.

It’s not just visually that a lot has happened on the company premises and in the administration building because of our constant investments. What has really taken us to the next level is the change of mind that has taken place within the entire team and at all levels. Working with each other across departments, including the associated processes, has moved away from a “I” to a true “WE”.

Daniel Böke, Managing Director of the CarboTech Group. "Whoever has stopped striving to become better, has stopped being good. That's why we support our employees in constantly developing and grow beyond themselves."

A strong team effort in my opinion, because such a complete change also requires a lot of courage, stamina and creativity. This newly created team spirit in the form of “WE” is something we want to preserve and continue to live, because it is the only way we will be able to keep CarboTech fit for the future as a company – in the market and as an employer.

To this end, in my function I clear the way for every employee to continuously develop themselves and their area of responsibility. On the other hand, this also means that every colleague can very quickly assume full responsibility for his or her area. And that is exactly what we need: Colleagues who can collaborate, think ahead and tackle problems. – To define it in terms of the Ruhrpott spirit.


CarboTech - Vision-Mission-Values

Working as a team towards a common goal can only work if you clearly define that goal.

We have done this in the form of our CarboTech guidelines, as shared values, in the form of our vision and our mission.

So that, with the help of our employees and partners, we can set out on our journey together.

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What we offer you:

Great Team

No one is left alone but helping each other is part of what we do.

Flat hierarchies

Communication with each other through all levels makes up our team spirit.

The next Step

The development opportunities at CarboTech are diverse – on a personal or company level


Easy-going, honest and Straightforward, these are our Ruhrpot roots.



Offering our employees Mobility – Today for the future.

coffee and fresh fruit

Offering our employees, a real feel-good workplace is important to us.


Daniel Mandau


I have only been part of the team since 2022 and can truly say with the utmost conviction that I made exactly the right decision. From the very beginning, I was entrusted with the management and development of the service department, including the associated responsibility. The nice thing about it, however, is that at the same time my superiors and the entire team had confidence in me and my concept, so that I was not slowed down, but have already been able to make a lot of progress. Working in such a great atmosphere with colleagues and superiors is of course additionally motivating.

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Are you looking for a training company with a future after graduation where you can develop yourself further? Then you’ve come to the right place. Because we are looking for people like you who want to make more of their skills and train to take you on after your apprenticeship.

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Take your first steps on the career ladder at CarboTech and find your successful entry into an exciting and varied professional life. We regularly offer internships and support for bachelor’s and master’s theses – so it’s definitely worth asking. We offer a wide range of opportunities to develop your talents in the best possible way: with internships, final theses or a working student position. With us, you will master challenges, grow beyond yourself and learn from visionary colleagues and mentors. If you are a graduate of a relevant degree programme or a young professional, it is worth taking a regular look at our job offers – perhaps you will find your dream job here. We look forward to receiving your call or e-mail!

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Now is the time for a change!
– The change to a future-oriented company with motivated colleagues and the opportunity to constantly develop your tasks.

Be part of it!

Becoming part of CarboTech means more than finding a new job and facing exciting challenges.
It means getting to know an inspiring working environment that gives experts like you the opportunity to fully develop your individual skills and expertise.

We are constantly on the lookout for people who want to make a difference and who, spurred on by innovation, are motivated to achieve new heights.

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