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Circular economy

Circular economy

Use products several times over before disposal – this simple sustainability rule is also relevant for industry, and for business in general. Accordingly, our activated carbon can also be used several times over thanks to our smart, resource-saving reactivation techniques: Our fluidised bed process – the only one of its kind in the world – enables reactivation without any loss of quality, making cleaning with activated charcoal a truly whiter-than-white affair, and ensuring our charcoal just keeps on coming back to you.

See for yourself the economic and quality benefits of our first-class recycling management:

Vergleich Co2
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Recycling instead of disposal – by reactivating our activated carbon we extend its life and make it more sustainable. This involves removing pollutants bound into the carbon, thereby re-opening the pores. This leaves the activated carbon just as absorbent as it was before initial use, and without any sacrifice in quality.

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Fluidised bed process

Thanks to our fluidised bed process, the only one of its kind in the world, the carbon is reactivated particularly efficiently – without any loss of quality. Unlike the less effective rotary kiln process used by most competitors, we treat individual particles in their ideal state – separated and freely movable – under perfect conditions for aiding heat and mass transfer. What this means for you is that each piece of activated carbon regains its maximum adsorption capacity!

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Carbon footprint

Reactivation helps us reduce the carbon footprint of our product because one container of reactivated activated carbon saves around 93 tonnes of CO2 compared with the same amount of virgin carbon.

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Storage facilities planned for reactivated product

By using hubs and by partnering with a large number of businesses at home and abroad, reactivated product is in future going to be collected and stored in order to improve logistics.