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Activated Carbon Solution: Fluid treatment


Activated carbon for liquids

Activated carbon can filter other liquids besides water, indeed it’s hard to imagine the beverage or food industry without it. It ensures, for example, that lemonades and juices always taste the same. This is especially important for international manufacturers. Activated carbon filters are also used in the production of wine and spirits. They extract substances like fusel alcohols from spirits, while leaving the flavours intact. CarboTech offers the right solution for all these applications!


Pinpointing the right activated carbon for you

We’ll be happy to test your water in our own laboratories, after which we’ll set target figures in conjunction with you before preparing our activated carbons with precision to ensure they deliver the desired results long-term. We do this, for example, by means of impregnations.

We can perform these at our own facilities in Essen and monitor them in our laboratories. Unlike many competitors, this enables us to deliver consistently high quality over the long term. In addition, our activated carbons often last significantly longer than competitor products.

And that’s not all – thanks to our know-how, we can also be of assistance in cases of a more specialist nature. Take decaffeination, for example. Caffeine is a recyclable material that is removed during the production of decaffeinated coffee. Before it can be sold, however, it has to be separated from the extraction solution. No small task. But with the right activated carbon, it’s a piece of cake.


Solutions for the pharmaceutical industry et al.

Do you also have specialist requirements? If so, we’ll be happy to create a made-to-measure solution for you. The pharmaceutical industry is a good example, where activated carbon cannot be allowed to release any ion other than sodium – something of a tall order calling for expert knowledge. And that’s exactly what we can offer you. The same goes for decolourising liquid substrates.

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