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Municipal and industrial waste water

Municipal and
waste water

Water-borne micropollutants

There are many contaminants in our waste water that need to be removed. Waste water treatment plants treat the water and clean it of water-borne pollutants. Activated carbon can help with particularly stubborn impurities such as pharmaceuticals, pesticides or dyes in the water.



The fourth cleaning stage (after rake clarification, preliminary clarification and biological cleaning) designates a whole range of different options such as activated carbon filtration. With this method, even stubborn trace substances can be disposed of. Since cleaned wastewater is fed back into the water cycle, it may be needed again in the future as raw water for drinking water treatment.

Whether in powder or granulate form –Whether in powder form or as granules – When it comes to guaranteeing the purity of your drinking water production and wastewater treatment, we are the ideal partner for you. Let our experts provide you with technical advice. Individual mixtures can also be produced specifically for your application on request.

The right solutions from CarboTech

If you need to pay special attention to the elimination of pharmacological agents or difficult-to-degrade by-products such as carbamazepine, pesticides, paints or solvents, we’re the right people to call in.

Whether for treating waste water or to comply with discharge regulations, CarboTech’s activated carbons are a great solution. They have high adsorption capacity and can be reactivated several times over. Reactivation is conducted at our own facilities and with the aid of our in-house laboratories. This enables us to conduct reactivation with an eye to the specific application in question, thereby ensuring the high quality of your reactivated carbons.