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Drinking water

Contaminated drinking water

More and more sources of drinking water are contaminated. Intensive agricultural use in rural areas is particularly responsible for pollutants in drinking water. Bank filtrate and reservoir water are also affected. More and more drinking water suppliers are concerned about their springs and are taking measures to treat their drinking water. Many choose to add adsorption stages using activated carbon from CarboTech to treat water drawn from their springs.


Water-borne pollutants

As well as nitrate, pesticides such as glyphosate and their degradation products pose particular problems. On top of this come industrial chemicals and active pharmaceutical ingredients. The challenge in purification is to bind these substances, which are readily soluble in water, in low concentrations by means of adsorption.


Our activated carbon meets strict standards

For drinking water filters, CarboTech offers grades of activated carbon featuring a pronounced mesoporous structure which achieves a sufficiently high adsorption ratio. They also meet the strict standards of the “TVO” drinking water regulations (DIN EN 12915 and DIN EN 12903) and are mechanically stable enough to be used in the sensitive environment of drinking water production. Reactivation means they can be used several times over. They also benefit from larger inner surface areas than other grades, making them highly economical.

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