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Activated Carbon Drinking water supplies

Drinking water

Contaminated drinking water

Demographic change and the associated increased consumption of pharmaceuticals as well as the consequences of climate change such as more frequent dry weather runoff lead to a higher proportion of wastewater in running water. This also increases the pollutant concentrations measured in the water body. More sources of drinking water are being polluted.

Intensive agricultural use in rural areas causes pollutants in the groundwater. Bank filtrate and dams are also affected by agriculture. More drinking water suppliers are therefore concerned about their sources and are taking measures to treat their raw water in order to supply clean drinking water to their customers. Many rely on adsorption stages with activated carbon from CarboTech to treat their water supplies.

Clear drinking water - thanks to activated carbon by CarboTech


In addition to nitrate, pesticides such as glyphosate and their degradation products are particularly problematic. In addition, there are metals, pharmaceutical agents such as ibuprofen and industrial chemicals such as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, better known in abbreviated form: PFAS. Because PFAS and their degradation products are highly persistent in the environment, they are often referred to as eternity chemicals. The challenge in purification is to bind them well adsorptively on activated carbon.

Our activated carbon meets strict standards

CarboTech offers types of activated carbon with a pronounced mesoporous structure for drinking water filters. These can achieve a sufficiently high loading. In addition, they meet strict international including German norms and standards (for example: German Institute for Standardization (DIN) EN 12915 and DIN EN 12903) and are mechanically stable so that they can be used in the sensitive environment of water treatment.


A thermal reactivation makes our activated carbon usable several times. In addition, they have larger internal surfaces than other varieties, making them very profitable.

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