Company Profile

Germany’s leading supplier of activated carbons

CarboTech is one of the world’s leading full-service-suppliers of active carbons. Whether it’s in powder form, granulated or extruded – we supply it. Our production facilities are located right at the heart of Germany’s industrial Ruhr conurbation. This is where it all happens: everything from production and finishing treatment to the packaging of our made-to-measure products. As well as activated carbon, we also supply activated cokes and carbon molecular sieves made from hard coal, coconut coke and charcoal.


Tradtition and experience – a bridge to the future

Rooted in a heritage of German mining research and the local coal industry, CarboTech combines experience in production, application and process engineering. We see ourselves in the tradition of all those who are forever drawing knowledge from science and technology in order to apply it in ways that are economically viable for the benefit of people and their environment. That’s why we research and develop solutions to reduce environmental pollution and health hazards.

Strategically, we are guided by conventional requirements as much as by innovative applications and services. Our experts are conversant with the challenges of real-life settings, and it is precisely this engagement that our customers really appreciate.


Quality and economy

As the successor to CarboTech Aktivkohlen GmbH, CarboTech today presents itself as a modern, medium-sized company that also offers training apprenticeships. With our unswerving focus on the customer, we’re constantly working on improving what we do. High demands of product quality and service quality are something we absolutely expect.

Use of our activated carbons opens the door to new solutions that are as reliable as they are economical. Our experienced specialists rise to the challenge of this complex, demanding task each day – and do so with great success.


In Business since 1956

After world war 2, the Bergwerksverband GmbH (mining association) began setting up experimental facilities for the production of purest carbon and activated carbon. Thanks to many years of experimenting, it proved possible to produce very high quality activated carbon from hard coal. In 1955, a large-scale pilot plant was erected on the site of the former Queen Elisabeth coalmine in Essen and on February 29th, 1956, it was put into operation. This was the beginning of the company history of CarboTech AC GmbH.


Foundation of the hard coal mining society


Development of activated carbons

The development of activated carbons from hard coal began in the post-war years


Commissioning of a large-scale pilot plant

For the production of purest carbon on the site of the former Queen Elisabeth coalmine in Essen


Foundation of Bergbau-Forschung GmbH

As the research institute of the hard coal mining society for the development of new technologies for extracting, refining and utilisation of carbon. Until 1988 the activated carbon manufacturer Bergwerks-verband was a 100 % subsidiary of the Bergau-Forschung


Development of carbon molecular sieves

During the years thereafter, the development of carbon molecular sieves (CMS-N2 and CMS-H2) enabled the production of up to 99.999 % pure nitrogen and hydrogen by Bergbau-Forschung GmbH


Patents for Pressure Swing Adsorption Systems (PSA)

During the years between 1972 and 1980 Bergbau-Forschung received various patents for PSA plants for nitrogen production and hydrogen purification


Beginning of activated carbon reactivation

According to the fluidised bed method developed by Bergbau-Forschung



Development of the dry DeSOx/DeNOx-procedure with activated carbon


Foundation of CarboTech Aktivkohlen GmbH

Production, further processing and sales of activated coke and activated carbon and thiocyanates


Spin-off of CarboTech Anlagenbau GmbH

Later renamed CarboTech Engineering GmbH (now owned by Viessmann Group)


Expansion of the product range to include powdered activated carbons and impregnated activated carbons

Plug & Clean-Systems Beginning of the service business with Plug & Clean-Systems


Expansion of the product range

To include base materials that do not originate from coal (DGK types)


Switch to RÜTGERS Chemicals AG

CarboTech Aktivkohlen GmbH switches to RÜTGERS Chemicals AG


Merger of CarboTech Aktivkohlen GmbH with RÜTGERS Umwelt-Service GmbH

Renamed RÜTGERS CarboTech GmbH


Carbon Catalyst

Development of the Carbon Catalyst for NOx removal


International Chemical Investors Group

RÜTGERS CarboTech GmbH taken over by International Chemical Investors Group


Company name chamged to CarboTech AC GmbH