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CarboTech as your full-service provider

Thanks to our decades of experience and the associated expertise in the field of activated carbon, we now act as a full-service provider for our customers in a wide range of industries. Our 360° service ranges from consulting and laboratory services to mobile plug & clean systems and a replacement service for all makes.

Now new: CarboTech Service Upgrade

To ensure that you as a customer receive even more service from a single source, we are investing heavily in the expansion of our service area and can now already add further modules to our 360° service. These include:

This means we can now stay true to our service motto even more extensively: Our 360° service for companies: Everything from a single source. Everything as simple as possible.

Our 360° service comprises the following pillars:

CarboTech 360° service

General terms of service

Benefit now from the CarboTech best performance guarantee!

CarboTech best performance guarantee
CarboTech best performance guarantee
CarboTech best performance guarantee

Our best performance guarantee

With our extended 360° service, we are convinced that we can always offer you the best performance at a reasonable price. In fact, we are so convinced of this that we have created our Best Performance Guarantee. This is how you benefit from the Best Performance Guarantee:

Simply submit and have it checked!

When ordering, can you prove that you would have got the same service cheaper elsewhere? Simply submit the comparison offer or the passages necessary for the comparison to us at

Comparison offer

Get your added value!

If everything fits, we'll refund you the difference and add another 10% confidence bonus on top.

10% confidence bonus

Please note!

Our best performance guarantee refers to the passages on full service. This means delivery, change and disposal or reactivation of the activated carbon. Our guarantee promise does not refer to the comparison of pure activated carbon prices.

Comparison parameters

Our service upgrade in detail

Flexible logistics through our fleet upgrade

Flexible logistics through our fleet upgrade

The expansion of our fleet to include a multi-chamber vehicle for pressing and vacuuming with 3 chambers, which already consists of our service truck, our activated carbon taxi and our silo vehicle, now makes it possible to exchange loaded activated carbon for fresh carbon in a single appointment. --> This means less appointment coordination and costs for our customers. With this high-performance vehicle, we can implement projects in the gas and liquid phase. The remaining vehicles in our fleet are only suitable for one of the two phases. For example, the silo vehicle and activated carbon taxi can only cover the liquid phase, while the service truck is only suitable for the gas phase. In general, we make it much easier for our customers: because direct trips are possible without any problems.

Expansion of our technical equipment

Expansion of our technical equipment

In the field of gas applications, too, we now have more service to offer when it comes to mobile solutions. By expanding our adsorber technology equipment, we can offer our customers even more individual solutions. This means that requirements and performance are perfectly matched and round off our portfolio in terms of mobile adsorption solutions.