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Activated carbon for the food industry

Food and

Activated carbon for the food industry

It’s hard to imagine the food or beverage industry without activated carbon. It is used to refine taste or make it uniform, and can also be applied to remove organic matter or discolouration. Products like wine, sugar solutions, gelatine and glycerine have to be treated very selectively.

For such applications it’s easy to use powdered activated carbon from CarboTech in suspended form. We also offer granulated activated carbon, which is suitable for fixed-bed adsorption. Both clean reliably without the use of chemicals.


High quality requirements

Food and drinks must have high purity and be safe to consume. CarboTech’s activated carbons meet the requirements of the FCC (Food Chemicals Codex) and Germany’s “ZVerkV” Additives Regulations. This means they can be used without hesitation in the production of consumer products.

We guarantee the consistently high quality of our activated carbon. The raw materials are selected with care by our trained experts, and the carbons are activated and refined using our unique fluidised bed process. It’s this uncompromising approach that wins our customers’ appreciation and trust.