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Impregnation activated Carbon


We make CarboTech’s activated carbon even more powerful by impregnating it so it’s able to handle specialist applications. We treat it with additives such as colloidal silver, making it able to remove pollutants such as chlorine, ammonia or mercury from substrates.


Top results thanks to years of experience

When impregnating activated carbon, we draw on our expertise and experience gained over 60+ years. We do this using our continuous spray impregnation procedure which guarantees a high level of uniformity in the activated carbon. Use of materials remains minimal, thereby saving cost and helping protect the environment.


Use in all areas of application

Impregnation makes activated carbon even more suitable for many areas of application. It binds unwanted substances such as chlorine or ammonia more easily. The same goes for the gas phase in air purification, where it can be used to desulphurise biogas and landfill gases – or to remove mercury from combustion processes. In the liquid phase, it is used in waste water purification and treatment of drinking water, for example, in the cleaning of drinking water filters or filters for odours and flavours.


CarboTech can also help with your application. If you want to know which impregnation method is best for your application, we’ll be happy to help!