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Landfill leachate and groundwater remediation

Landfill leachate

Treatment of landfill leachate

Activated carbons from CarboTech are used both in landfill leachate treatment and in groundwater remediation. An adsorptive treatment stage using activated carbons allows you to stay within required limits safely and easily.

This is important because landfill leachate can contain many dissolved substances – including high amounts of organic substances. Contamination and intensive agricultural use of arable land also increase groundwater pollution.


CarboTech offers optimised cleaning

Organic substances such as halogenated hydrocarbons (AOX) or halogen alkanes are difficult to degrade and can often only be treated in combination with oxidative processes using activated carbon.

Our experts can optimise the adsorption process for you by means of preliminary tests, enabling pollutants to be removed selectively from the leachate. These take into account the special properties of the waste water, such as the type and quantity of ingredients, and adapt the process to your specific application.

With adsorption ratios of over 50%, our activated carbon solutions will be especially economical for your business. Thanks to our in-house reactivation process, it is also possible to use the activated carbon several times over, making our proposition even more sustainable.

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