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natural gas

Adsorbers prevent sulphur dioxide

Natural gas is a powerful source of energy, but one that can only be used to best effect when it is free of hydrogen sulphide. This highly toxic substance contaminates the natural gas and, unless it is bound to adsorbers, the combustion process gives off sulphur dioxide – a gas that contributes in no small way to air pollution, causing (among other things) acid rain which is detrimental to people and plant life.


Removing hydrogen sulphide

To make natural gas usable, it needs to be “desulphurised”. Producers usually undertake this directly during production, i.e. before the gas is transported to Germany via pipeline and pumped into its huge storage facilities. And then the next challenge begins: Sulphur can be produced in those underground storage facilities – caused either by the rock or by natural processes of decay. Before the natural gas can be fed into the grid, its hydrogen sulphide content has to be removed once again.


Carbon with 100% adsorption ratios

For desulphurisation, the natural gas is passed through large adsorbers filled with activated carbon. Our highly activated carbons offer adsorption ratios of 100%. One tonne of activated carbon is thus able to absorb one tonne of sulphur. Specially impregnated, it meets exacting requirements to optimum effect.

Major energy companies have been placing their trust in our activated carbon for many years. Our product quality and our dedication to service make CarboTech a partner you can rely on.

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