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Other applications of activated Carbon


If your application is not included in our list, never fear – our activated carbons are suitable for many other applications too.

If you’re looking for activated carbon for use in the gold or cigarette industry … or if you manufacture breathing apparatus filters or table filters for drinking water purification … or if you want to filter hydrogen sulphide or acid gases from the air or need someone to partner with for your battery manufacturing operation …

… whatever it is – contact us! With our decades of experience, there’s scarcely a challenge we can’t master. We’re well versed in the production of high quality, specialised activated carbon.

We use a variety of raw materials based on hard coal and coconut and, with the help of our own laboratory facilities in Essen, we can produce highly individual activated carbons – with exactly the right impregnation for your application, if you so wish. And we can do all this for a very reasonable price.

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