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Activation activated Carbon


When it comes to filtering gases or liquids, activated carbon is a good choice. It plays an important part in many areas: in the chemicals industry, in the medical sector, in exhaust gas filtration and in waste water treatment.

Activated carbon from CarboTech has a highly porous structure, indeed the surface area of four grams is roughly equivalent to that of a football pitch. This allows it to bind large quantities of unwanted substances.


Top quality activated carbon

However, not all activated carbons are the same. Product available on the market varies widely in quality, especially when it comes to performing consistently. That’s why CarboTech carbons are activated using our fluidised bed process – the only one of its kind in Europe. We developed it ourselves, and it is far better at activating the carbon particles than the simpler, less effective rotary kiln technique.

This is because it produces a more uniform structure with larger pores. As a result, our activated carbon offers optimum adsorption performance, i.e. it is the most effective way to bind pollutants. Also, uniform temperatures help minimise the loss of raw materials, thereby saving cost and helping protect the environment. That’s why CarboTech is now one of the leading activated carbon manufacturers in Germany, Europe and the world.


Impregnation for even greater performance

It goes without saying that our activated carbon can also be impregnated. We do this by using substances such as colloidal silver which improves cleaning performance even further.

The quality of our products can be seen quite easily by looking at their iodine or CTC figures. We’ll be happy to show you the relevant evidence in our own laboratories upon request.

If you’d like to discover more about CarboTech activated carbon, we’ll be happy to help!