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Our long-standing industry experts will be happy to advise you

Which activated carbon is the right one for your application? Does your application require virgin material or reactivated carbon? Is the answer a Plug & Clean system or a fixed installation? What limits must be observed? What are the right replacement intervals to hit the sweet spot on the cost/benefit trade-off?

Our experts will be happy to answer these – and other – questions for you. To do this, we’ll engage with you in open, honest dialogue – offering expertise you can rely on. Our preferred practice is to partner with customers and global partners for the long term, communicating openly, directly and with maximum transparency in a relationship where our word is our bond. This breeds total trust – in our quality products, and in ourselves as individuals.

This also means you always have your very own point of contact at CarboTech. Our experts know what you need, they know the market, and they know the legal requirements. As you can see, at CarboTech we attach great importance to advice and guidance.

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