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Air and Gas Purification with activated Carbon

Air and gas

Air and gas purification

Air pollution is an issue and is set to remain so. After all, everyone wants to breathe the cleanest air possible. And although air quality in Germany has already improved a lot according to the Federal Environment Agency, there are still many pollutants in the air we breathe, and in related gases. Air and gas cleaners using activated carbon from CarboTech can help remove these in all the spaces we occupy – in the office and in the great outdoors, at work and in leisure facilities.

This is important because air pollution has the capacity to damage almost every cell in the human body, and also in animals. This is also illustrated by a Harvard study published at the end of 2019. Organic and inorganic components such as mercaptans or ammonia can lead to unpleasant odours and, at worst, even pose health risks. However, these can be reduced with ease using activated carbon from CarboTech – quickly, safely and reliably.


Biogas, solvents, hydrogen

Our activated carbons for air and gas cleaning can be used in many applications – for example in the production of biogas. This produces digester gas (fermentation gas) containing hydrogen sulphide which can be harmful to the engines used to generate electricity. Our biogas filters counteract this wear and tear.

Many customers also rely on our products and expertise when it comes to recovering solvents from the air. In print shops, our activated carbon filters are used to capture solvents that have volatilised from the printing ink. Large tank farms use them to bind substances that have evaporated from petrol.

Activated carbons can also be used in hydrogen purification. Synthesis gases from large chemical plants contain a lot of hydrogen. Complex purification systems are able to filter the valuable gas from the air, making it recyclable. This would not be possible without our activated carbon.


CarboTech experts are happy to help and advise

However, at CarboTech we do more than supply you with activated carbon. Our engineers have many years of experience and can therefore develop the ideal activated carbon solution for your specific application.

This starts with advice on the use of simple activated carbon blanks, and ends with the design and implementation of complex adsorption systems – we’re ready for any challenge. If required, we can even use our in-house laboratories to analyse your equipment and help you optimise your processes.

Discover what CarboTech can do for you! Our experts will be happy to help and advise.