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Activated carbon for clean spent air

Activated carbon
clean spent air

Airborne pollutants

Polluted spent air is produced in nearly all parts of manufacturing industry: wherever machines are running, they release substances into the air. Some of these vapours are toxic and are not permitted to be released into the atmosphere. Activated carbon filters can protect health and prevent annoyance caused by unpleasant odours.


Activated carbon – works locally and across large areas

Whether it’s at sewage treatment plants, printing works, commercial kitchens or inner-city tunnels: spent air can be a major challenge. Often strict legal limits apply, and activated carbon helps ensure these are met by filtering organic and inorganic substances out of the air.

This can be done quite specifically, for example using extractor hoods, but it’s also possible to keep entire production bays free of odours and pollutants in this way. When using activated carbon you can breathe a sigh of relief without any risk to your lungs.


The right filter for every application

Which solution is the right one depends on what needs to be filtered out of the air: Organic substances can be removed by non-impregnated activated carbon, but inorganic substances such as sulphur, hydrocyanic and hydrochloric acid require the activated carbon to be specially impregnated.

If you don’t know exactly what odours and vapours are given off by your plant, our experts will be happy to help find the right solution for your business. With many years of experience and high levels of expertise, they’ve succeeded in solving every customer requirement to date.

Because we manufacture our own activated carbon and impregnate it as required, we always have the right product for you. And our in-house laboratories mean we can always ensure consistently high levels of quality. At CarboTech you don’t just buy activated carbon – you buy a solution to your spent air problem using our expertise and high standards of service. No matter how specialist your application may be. Get in touch and let our experts advise you!


Mobile filter solutions available

If things have to happen really quickly, we’ve the very answer: our “MAMS” mobile adsorber rental systems. The affordable, easy-to-use solution for all applications. Just try our Plug&Clean proposition – you’ll see what we mean when you see how we clean. We’ll be happy to help!