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Activated carbon for biogas

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Biogas – a green source of energy

Biogas is becoming increasingly popular as a green source of energy – not least because it is derived from waste. This is because biogas is purified fermentation gas (a.k.a. digester gases) given off by various different raw materials.

Biogas plants are run by farmers, municipalities and energy companies to recycle plant, vegetable and animal waste. This produces digester gases – and ultimately electricity. Digester gases are also produced by (former) landfills. They can also be used to generate electricity.


Removing hydrogen sulphide

In biogas production, CarboTech’s activated carbon is used in two processes: It is most commonly used to remove hydrogen sulphide, a highly toxic, colourless gas found in digester gases. In biogas plants, it is necessary to bind hydrogen sulphide because it increases wear and tear on the engines and catalytic converters used to generate electricity.

Impregnated activated carbon mouldings can carry out the necessary filtration as the gas reacts with a correspondingly suitable impregnation. Elemental sulphur is formed, which adheres to the activated carbon molecules.

Sometimes hydrocarbons are also present in the digester gases and stop the impregnated activated carbon developing its full potential. Here it helps to use non-impregnated activated carbon in upstream operations. This combined approach then removes all pollutants.


Biogas upgrading

The second process is biogas upgrading: equipment in biogas plants produces not just electricity but also biogas. If this is to be fed into the natural gas grid, it cannot contain more than minor amounts of CO2, otherwise this inert gas reduces its calorific value. Our carbon molecular sieves developed in Essen enable you to filter this unwanted substance out of the biogas.


Made-to-measure solutions from CarboTech

Whether you are looking for a solution for one of the many existing applications or for a completely new one, we give you more than “just” activated carbon – our experienced experts will pinpoint the very best solution for you. They can run predictions and tell you how long the actual service life of your activated carbon will be. And if you wish, we can also analyse and optimise your plant and equipment.

Above all, we offer you activated carbon which is of consistent quality. We’ll be happy to back this up with our own laboratory data. We will always sell you the product that suits your requirements best. We keep our promise: activated carbon of the highest quality, which is well worth its price.

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