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Renewable raw materials

Renewable raw materials

Just how sustainable a product is depends very much on the raw materials it’s made from. That’s why, at CarboTech, we are using more and more raw materials from renewable sources. In addition to the many sustainable raw materials already available, we’re actively testing new feedstocks in order to be able to offer an even more sustainable portfolio in the near future.

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Moving to a sustainable portfolio

Coconut shells, wood, bamboo and palm kernels – we already have many sustainable raw materials in our line-up and are working to increase this share to 80% over the next few years.

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Active sourcing

We are using our global network to actively track down further sustainable raw material sources and test their suitability for production of our high-quality activated carbon.

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Moving from PAC to GAC

Long-term, we are switching our portfolio from powdered activated carbon to granulated activated carbon – which can be reactivated and is thus more sustainable.