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We measure the cleaning performance of our activated carbons in our own in-house laboratories. Only with their help is it possible to ensure the specified properties of our products. Especially for novel or complex tasks in the gas and liquid phases, lab checks are a must. This way we can identify, for example, whether further substances should subsequently be added by impregnation.

In so doing, we pinpoint the effectiveness and benefit of adsorptive purification using activated carbon, enabling us to guarantee high-quality, efficient product. This is where our 60 years of experience in activated carbon really pays dividends.


We’ll test your activated carbon

And that’s not all – if you wish, we can also determine the cleaning performance and adsorption capacity of your current activated carbon, even if this has been sourced elsewhere. Does the quality meet your expectations? We’ll help you find out – and if you wish, we’ll also make you an attractive offer for exchanging your current products for ours, and for disposing of the “old” activated carbon on your behalf.

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