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Activated Carbon - Wine, Spirits and Vinegar

Making wine,
and Vinegar

Safeguarding quality and removing pollutants

Activated carbon filters are also used in the production of wine, vinegar and spirits. Winemakers and distillers achieve the taste and colour of their products by means of fermentation and maturation. Fruit or herbs are often used as seasonings.

However, the process also produces undesirable substances, for example so-called fusel alcohols which can impair taste and reduce enjoyment. Pesticides applied during the growth of the original plants may also still be present. They are not allowed in the finished product.

CarboTech’s activated carbons are used in the production of liquid products. We use macroporous variants of our activated carbon for decolourisation, and microporous grades to eradicate impurities. Our experts will be happy to advise you on which type of activated carbon is the right one for your application.