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CarboTech’s unique Exchange Service

If your activated carbon is fully saturated or at the end of its service life, we have the answer – our flexible Exchange Service supplying your mobile or stationary solution with fresh activated carbon or a new Plug & Clean system. We’ll get the fresh activated carbon working for you and remove the used carbon from site, eventually feeding it back into the cycle after reactivation

This way you get everything from a single source during a single visit, ensuring minimum downtime. Further benefits include the high uptime of our Plug & Clean systems, fast response times and the expertise of our own service technicians.

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We deliver – and take it away again!

In addition to a large, efficient logistics network, CarboTech also has its own fleet of vehicles allowing us to be more flexible than many competitors through better scheduling, and enabling us to plan routes more efficiently to minimise fuel consumption and emissions.

  • Manufacturer-independent.
    If you want, we’re also happy to take care of running other manufacturers’ Plug & Clean systems. This covers delivery, collection, refilling and start-up. We’ll also gladly provide you with an additional Plug & Clean system from our pool.
  • Sustainability – made by CarboTech.
    Using products several times over before disposal – at CarboTech we’ve long been committed to thinking, managing and acting with sustainability in mind. That’s why our activated carbon can also be used several times over, thanks to efficient and resource-saving reactivation using our fluidised bed processthe only one of its kind in the world – which reactivates without any loss of quality.

If our lab analysis shows your used activated carbon cannot be reactivated, it will be recycled professionally with proof of energy recovery.


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