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Activated carbon for cleaning exhaust gases

Activated carbon for
cleaning exhaust gases

Desulphurisation of flue gas

Whenever materials are burned, exhaust fumes are produced, for example in power plants where natural gas, coal or biomass is burned to generate electricity. Flue gases are formed in the process. These may contain mercury or carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). Exhaust gas detoxifiers using activated carbon prevent these from entering the ambient air.


Removing nitrous oxides safely

Pollutants are also produced when waste is incinerated, or during industrial processes. Nitrous oxides (NOx) pose a particular problem: once in the atmosphere they contribute to the depletion of ozone. They also have a negative impact on the climate, causing acid rain and smog. As a result, they are quite rightly subject to strict legal requirements and limits. Businesses are obliged to comply with these and clean exhaust fumes before venting.


Activated carbon filters for flue and exhaust gases

Activated carbon helps filter exhaust air, protecting people and the environment. CarboTech offers a variety of products for this purpose: Powdered carbon for use in entrained flow processes. Pellets: ideal for high volume flows. Even older systems can be adapted to comply with current limits.

In tricky scenarios, our CarbonCatalysts can be a great help. These are pelletised activated carbons whose surface chemistry is modified by CarboTech’s own patented activation process which uses a fluidised bed reactor and gives them catalytic properties without any further need for impregnation. The product is particularly effective in dealing with nitrous oxides.


Advice on flue gas and exhaust gas filtering

If you could do with some advice on your flue gas cleaning, our experts have a wealth of experience in this area and will be happy to advise on how CarboTech solutions can be used to help your systems perform to the very best of their ability. Whatever the requirements, we’ll find a made-to-measure solution for your needs.

It goes without saying that we supply only high-quality products. To achieve this, we have our own in-house laboratories that ensure consistent quality throughout.

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