Activated carbon for waste water purification

There are many contaminants in our waste water that need to be removed. Waste water treatment plants treat the water, cleaning it of pollutants. Activated carbon can help with particularly heavy contamination.


Activated carbon filters waste water reliably

Municipal or industrial, waste water treatment plants can be expanded to include purification using activated carbon. Whether in powder form or as granulate – CarboTech will offer you the right activated carbon for your treatment plant. If you wish, our experts will also be happy to create bespoke blends for you. These can guarantee your plant performs to the best of its ability. This is a good idea where, say, several indirect dischargers are putting a particular burden on your plant.


Our experts will pinpoint the right solution for you

Whether for treating waste water or to comply with discharge regulations – activated carbons from CarboTech are a great solution. They have a high saturation capacity and can be reactivated several times over. Reactivation is conducted at our own facilities and, with the aid of our in-house laboratories. This enables us to conduct reactivation with an eye to the specific application in question, thereby ensuring the high quality of your reactivated carbons. Simply complete our contact form, and our experts will get back to you!

Tip: Try our activated carbon configurator!


Plug & Clean Systems also available

If things have to happen really quickly, we’ve the very answer: our Plug & Clean Systems are an inexpensive, easy-to-use solution. Read more!


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