Air and gas purification

Do remember, CarboTech doesn’t just supply activated carbons – we’ll be happy to help you optimise your air and gas purification processes with the aid of our in-house laboratories.

Water and waste-water treatment

Whether you’re a landfill operator or a pharmaceutical company – CarboTech has the right activated carbon for every application, cleansing water of exactly those substances you no longer want to have in there.

Fluid treatment

Whatever liquids you want to clean, CarboTech will be happy to produce a tailored solution that fits your requirements like a glove.

Hydrogen purification

Several CarboTech products have proven to be particularly effective and highly efficient for hydrogen purification, as they are manufactured using our unique fluidised bed process and are thus particularly absorbent.



At CarboTech we activate carbons using the fluidised bed process, which we invented ourselves.


Special applications call for impregnation, where we treat the activated carbon with chemicals.


Our mobile adsorber rental systems (MAMS) are convenient, quickly assembled, delivered to site and ready for use.


CarboTech offers you powdered activated carbons for mercury or dioxin separation, waste water treatment and more.


Test the quality of your activated carbon in our in-house laboratories. Contact us for more information!

Application Engineering

We do it for you! We at CarboTech have decades of experience in advising our customers.