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CompanyEventsNews CarboTech sales conference 2023 In a team effort, the CarboTech colleagues from Sales & Service, Marketing and Operations Management have... 03.02.2023 Helena Kellner CompanyNewsStructural CarboTech at FILTECH 2023 – Focus: Sustainability & the new 360° Service Modern, innovative and future-oriented: CarboTech is your 360° full-service provider in the field of activated carbon,... 03.02.2023 Helena Kellner CompanyNewsStructural CarboTech Group continues to invest in sustainability, efficiency and service Essen-based activated carbon maker invests EUR 5.6 million in infrastructure growth 10.11.2022 Heyst GmbH CBT Uebergabe Scheck e1646040816373 CharitableNews Christmas gift to Kinderpalliativnetzwerk EMPLOYEES AT CARBOTECH GROUP DONATE TO ESSEN-BASED PALLIATIVE CARE ORGANISATION Staff at Essen-based activated carbon manufacturer... 28.02.2022 Heyst GmbH beitragsbild ausschreibung CompanyNews Carbotech group wins tender from Berliner Wasserbetriebe Essen-based activated carbon manufacturer to supply up to 750 tons of Pak C 875 SR product... 25.06.2021 Heyst GmbH carbotech baut marktpraesenz aus beitragsbild InnovationNewsStructural Carbotech further expands its market presence AZELIS APPOINTED AS THE EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR OF CARBOTECH’S PORTFOLIO IN 13 EUROPEAN COUNTRIES The Essen-based CarboTech... 15.03.2021 Heyst GmbH aktionsplan beitragsbild NewsStructural Action plan for circular economy: Carbotech sees coporate strategy confirmed Essen-based activated carbon manufacturer has been relying on renewable raw materials and reactivation for years As... 16.02.2021 Heyst GmbH carbotech gewinnt europaweite ausschreibung beitragsbild CompanyNews Carbotech wins europe-wide tender Zweckverband Klärwerk Steinhäule purchases 640 tons of activated carbon from Essen-based specialists It is a milestone... 11.12.2020 Heyst GmbH berufliche zukunft beitragsbild CareerNews Looking for a professional future? Carbotech offers apprenticeships! In Germany, the start of professional life begins at the age of 19 on average –... 25.11.2020 Heyst GmbH kraftstofffreie zukunft beitragsbild InnovationNews On the way to a fuel-free future: Carbotech sets up first e-fueling station The change in individual mobility and the increased use of hybrid and e-vehicles means that in... 15.11.2020 Heyst GmbH