Scale-up analysis of a twin-bed PSA pilot plant

Helena Kellner

To assure the excellent performance of Your PSA Nitrogen Generator, at CarboTech we focus not only on providing the best attainable quality of our Carbon Molecular Sieves but also on proposing an optimised cycle regime that fits the customer’s specific operating conditions as well as plant construction.


As the demand for nitrogen flow rate increases, so does the PSA system size. However, the translation of process performance indicators from pilot-scale to large-scale units is not straightforward – it requires comprehensive expertise in adsorber dynamics while performing the kinetically-controlled air separation.


In her latest publication, Dr Aleksandra Marcinek – our R&D Project Manager – analyses the scale-up procedure of a twin bed PSA pilot plant. Based on the presented findings, it is feasible to predict the process performance using our CMS material Shirasagi MSC CT-350 independent of the size of the N2-PSA system.


We are delighted to recognise, that our CMS adsorbents are employed not only to serve essential market needs but are also utilised for scientific research purposes, to enhance the fundamental knowledge of PSA gas separation processes.


The open-access article is available on the Springer Nature official website:

Scale-up analysis of a twin-bed PSA pilot plant
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