CarboTech expands 360° service offering

Helena Kellner

Essen, 27.07.23 – Service desert Germany? CarboTech’s customers cannot say that. Since its positioning as a full-service provider and the expansion of the product portfolio to include an extensive 360° service offer at the beginning of the year, a lot of effort has been saved for customers.

In order to make the offer even more convenient for customers and to meet the growing market demand, CarboTech has gone even further and added further modules to the previous 360° all-round carefree package.

Flexible logistics through our fleet upgrade
Especially where customers are dependent on punctual delivery, we can coordinate an individual timing with our extensive portfolio of vehicles. In addition, offer direct trips and, in the interests of sustainability, also reduce the CO² footprint, since optimized processes and delivery routes make it possible to work much more efficiently.

So far, customers have been able to use our service truck, the activated carbon taxi or our silo vehicle, which can be used in the gas or liquid phase depending on the area of ​​application.

More sustainability through optimized processes and delivery routes
Another step towards optimizing the delivery routes and reducing the CO² footprint: the purchase of our brand new multi-chamber vehicle now makes it possible to exchange loaded activated carbon for fresh carbon in just one appointment. The multi-chamber vehicle is an extension of the range of services and is suitable for both the gas phase and the liquid phase.
The state-of-the-art multi-chamber vehicle with its 3 chambers and a total volume of 56m³ can independently press and suck, which makes it possible to simultaneously transport the used coal for disposal or reactivation.

In terms of a functioning and sustainable circular economy, our focus is always on the reactivation of the activated carbon with subsequent return to the cycle of use, keyword: circular economy.

In this way, customers save time and money through multiple appointment coordination for arrival and departure, as well as the storage of old coal and the unnecessary and double commitment of their own staff. This gives customers the freedom to focus on their own core processes and trustingly place everything else in our hands.

Extension of our full service with additional technical equipment
The right mobile solution for your gas application is not so easy to find? No problem. We have upgraded and also offer various adsorber performance classes from 120 – 25,000 liters.
By expanding our adsorber technology equipment, we can offer our customers even more individual solutions including the logistics involved. This means that requirements and performance are perfectly matched and your project is implemented in the optimal time frame.

“So we can now stay true to our service motto even more extensively: Our 360° service for companies: everything from a single source. Everything as easy as possible. As a trustworthy contact for our customers with a best performance guarantee” says Daniel Mandau, Head of Service at CarboTech.

Arrange your appointment at or by phone at +49 (0) 201 24 89 900 and let us advise you on the right service options.


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